Black Coffin Treasure Boxes Found in Mindanao

There are rumors around the internet that the location of the black coffin treasure boxes has been finally found somewhere in the coastal part of Mindanao. Of course, the source won't state the exact location because many treasure hunters or perhaps even the US or Philippine military will race into the site.

The one who claimed to have found the black coffins is a fisherman. According to him, he first noticed large chains underwater. When he came close to investigate, the fisherman noticed black objects where the chains were tied. He also noticed that the black objects consists of serial numbers on them.

With the fisherman's curiosity, he attempted to open the boxes to check what was inside them. He tried everything using every possible tool that he had but to no avail, the fisherman couldn't open any of the boxes.

There was another claim. Another fisherman from Mindanao who had a close encounter with the black coffin treasures. His experience was quite similar to the other fisherman above. When he dived underwater, he saw the black coffins tied with large chains around them.

According to this second fisherman, the black objects consists of serial numbers and there are about 30 of them. At first, he thought that these boxes were placed on a huge rock. But later on, he discovered that it wasn't a rock but a sunken ship.

The most shocking experience that made this fisherman swore not to get close and make contact into those black objects ever again was when he attempted to touch them using his fishing gear. The fisherman described the feeling that he felt electrocuted that he immediately ascended back to his boat.

Lastly is this most interesting claim. The black coffin had already been recovered by some high-ranking official of a certain military organization in Mindanao. Although, he only recovered one black box and according to the source, the box consists of several holes at its side.

This person is said to have taken the black box into some part of Davao province and he is selling at an expensive price of 60 million pesos or about 1.3 million dollars.

Black Coffin Found in Mindanao

Moreover, it seems that the black coffin treasure is indeed hidden somewhere in the coastal area of Mindanao.