About Black Coffin Treasure

"Black Coffin Treasure" is a blog that focuses its main discussion about the boxes that were known to contain precious plutonium. A rare type of element being used for nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants.

It is actually a mystery if these black coffin boxes are real or not. Some says that it's a myth while others claim that they have even found it.

Is there a reward for someone who can find or locate those black coffin treasures?

Were the US navy really dropped those boxes in the Philippine sea?

Are the plutonium contents of the black coffins highly dangerous to human?

How many black coffins were dropped at the bottom of the sea?

And, how to know if the black coffins found are the authentic boxes?

Those are just few questions that this blog will attempt to find the answer about the mystery of the black coffin treasures.

Other Precious Coffin Treasures

Aside from the black coffin treasures, this blog also covers other coffin treasures that were uncovered on various parts of the world. So in general, this blog talks about various precious coffins.

Some of these popular and precious coffins that have already been discovered are the following:

1. The Solid Gold Coffin of king Tutankhamun

2. The Golden Larnax of Philip II of Macedonia

3. Hanging Mysterious Coffins of the World

If you know some certain valuable and precious coffin that has not yet been discussed on this post and you want us to cover about it, simply make a request from the Comment Form provided below.

Other Related Topics About Coffins

In general, this blog will actually be discussing everything about coffins. This involve topics such as caskets, Funerals, cremation and everything about burial practices of different cultures around the world.

Some topics covered on this category are the following:

a. Cremation Process

b. Costs of Caskets

c. Funeral Services