Visiting Cemeteries | Reasons Why You Should Visit

Are you the type of person who enjoy and loves visiting the cemeteries? If you are one among these kind of people then you have to know that you are not alone. Many individuals actually loves to visit these burial sites because they find the place interestingly beautiful, quite peaceful and calm. You might be surprised to know that some people even made visiting the cemeteries their hobbies.

Although, other people may find it weird and creepy where they simply couldn't stand visiting a cemetery. Some says that they may encounter and attract ghosts or spirits which might follow them back home. All these eerie feeling are probably due to watching too much horror movies.

Here are the following reasons why you should visit a cemetery:

1. Remembering Your Dead Love Ones

The main reason why you should visit a cemetery is actually to remember and pay your respect to your dead love ones. They can be your grandparents, relatives, friends or anyone who are close to you when they were still alive.

2. Learning About Your Family Tree

In most traditional burial culture, the grave or tomb of a certain individual is often situated next to the grave or tomb of their fellow family members. Thus, visiting the cemetery is the perfect place for your children to know more about their ancestors, older generations or their family history.

3. Remind Us About Our Mortality

When visiting a cemetery, those tombs or graves will remind us about our mortality which means that we won't live forever. There will soon be a time that our physical body will be buried on this place later when we die. This will teach us that we should treasure every moments of our lives it's because it's great to be alive.

4. Draw Us Closer to Spirituality

Speaking about mortality, you will draw closer to your spiritual belief. A spiritual belief about the existence of "life-after-death".

5. Quiet and Peaceful Place

If you want a quiet and peaceful place to pass your free-time, you may want to consider visiting a cemetery. Some says that the quietness and peacefulness of the place allows them to fall into a deep trance. This often makes them able to make connections into their passed love ones remembering all the happy times that they had shared together.

6. Beautiful Place to Visit

Some people visit cemeteries because it is a beautiful place. Due to its beauty, you will feel relax especially when you are to breath the fresh air. All thanks to the caretakers who are maintaining the cleanliness of the place.

7. Honoring Your Dead

Last but not the least is, "honoring your dead or simply the dead people buried on the cemetery". Most people bring them flowers and candles that they left behind. You may be surprised to know that some cultures even offer them some foods on their tombs.

Proper Cemetery Etiquette

When visiting any cemeteries, proper etiquette must be observed. Although, there is no one enforcing such rule but it is completely bad to be disrespectful on this kind of solemn place.

Here are the following proper cemetery etiquette that must be observe:

1. Respect Everyone

The most important etiquette when you are visiting a cemetery is all about "respect". Everyone must always be reminded that the cemetery is a place to mourn their passed love ones.

2. Maintain a Quiet Environment

Do not shout or talk loud enough when having a conversation to somebody such as on the phone. When you have children along with you, tell them not to play and run around. Causing such disturbances is disrespectful to the other mourners.

3. Throw Your Trash in the Proper Place

Cemeteries do have caretakers who are maintaining the cleanliness of the place. But, this shouldn't be the reason why you should just leave your trash at any place. There should always be a proper garbage can nearby where you can throw your trashes.

4. Be Careful of Moving Objects on the Tombs

When some families visited the cemetery ahead of you, there are chances that they will be leaving objects such as flowers, photos, coins and etc... If it happens that you got interested to check on one of them, it is important that you have to place them back the way that you originally took them.

5. Don't Damage the Grave Markers

It is just natural that when a grave stone particularly the marker get's old through time, the writings can be too hard to read. Due to this reason, the common and wrong practice of what most people do is to rub it. This could actually damage the stone. So the best method to find the gravestone of your dead is to seek help from the people who are in-charge of the cemetery.

6. Asking Permission to Visit a Cemetery

Cemeteries can actually be considered as "Public" or "Private". If you are visiting a public cemetery then you can visit the place at any time that you want. However, private cemeteries have strict rules when it comes to visiting hours that some even requires asking permission from the person in-charge.


Overall, most people find comfort when visiting cemeteries. It is probably because the place reminds us about our passed love ones with the belief that they are on the safe hands of our Creator. And later, when we also die, they will be there waiting for us to be reunited once again.
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Difference Between Cemetery and Graveyard

Some individuals are so curios to ask about "what is the difference between cemetery and graveyard". In general sense, they actually just mean the same which is a "burial ground" or "resting place" for the dead. This is the reason why most people today use them interchangeably.

But to tell you exactly the difference between a cemetery from a graveyard, it is best explained by taking a look back into the history.

The word "graveyard" actually started in the Middle Ages particularly originated in the European countries. At this age, the majority of the countries were controlled by the church the reason why there were so many churches built in the past. And as a traditional burial practice, people often buried their dead on a land nearby the surroundings of the churches or churchyards. Hence, we can say that graveyards are burial sites situated near churches.

In the late 18th to 19th centuries, there was a sudden rise of disease outbreak which was probably due to the graveyards. Other than that, there was an increasing number of population where more spaces were needed for the people to settle down. As a result, both of the government and religious authorities had decided to relocate the burial sites far away from human habitations. At this point, graveyards were being replaced by cemeteries.

Today, most graveyards were now long abandoned. They got rid of the stones and bodies where the land is now being used by the community.

Graveyards are Creepy Burial Sites

Most horror movies portrays graveyards as creepy disorganized burial sites surrounded by dead or withering trees with no one assigned to maintain its cleanliness. It's like a garbage site for dead people with no one to care or remember about them. The tombstones are actually quite dirty, decayed and some of them even have large cracks.

When visiting a graveyard, most people also tends to get the creepy feeling that the dead will suddenly rise back to life in the form of zombies. Or, a creepy hand will suddenly grab your foot by surprise. Are you a fan of Michael Jackson? You should watch his MTV or music video entitled, "Thriller".


And as stated above, graveyards are situated near the churches which is also close to the community.

Cemetery is a Beautiful Burial Place of the Dead

The cemetery is the complete opposite of graveyard. It is a well maintained beautiful burial place for the dead. The grasses, trees and flowers are well cared by someone who is being paid to do this job.

All of the tombstones are well arranged or aligned in their proper rows and columns. And, the markings on the tombstones are artistically engraved for easy identification of the dead person buried on that spot.

A cemetery is also located at an area that is far from the community or human habitations.


Since the cemetery is such a wonderful place, many people often pay a visit to their dead. They bring flowers and they can spend long period of hours on the cemetery because most people find it a very relaxing place. This is the reason why people would now prefer to be buried in a cemetery over graveyard.

Overall, we can say that a graveyard is comparable to a wasteland while the cemetery is comparable to a paradise. This makes the main difference between the two is all about the "description" of the burial sites. But, they are just basically the same site where dead people are buried.


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Person Who Carries the Casket | Pallbearers

Funerals that involves caskets requires the right "person who carries the casket" in which people call them as "Pallbearers". It is their responsibility to help carry or escort the casket right into the burial site.

The most common question is that, "Why are they called pallbearers?".

Pallbearers actually came from two words which are "Pall" and "Bearers". The word pall actually refers to a decorative cloth that is draped over the coffin. If you have seen or attended any military or state funerals, you must have noticed the National Flag draped over the coffin which is referred as the pall. As for the word bearers, I think that's already self-explanatory. But just in case that you do not know, it is an act of "carrying" or "holding" something.


In the past, the original duty of pallbearers was simply to walk alongside those that carries the casket. Their main job was just actually to make sure that the pall will not fall-off (which often caused by winds) from the coffin. Since most funerals sees them as unnecessary, they got rid of them. However, the title of their role was passed down to those that carries the coffin which seem to fit much better on their purpose.

Who Can Become Pallbearers?

The pallbearers who are authorized to carry the casket actually depends on your culture. When it comes to most Western Cultures, the pallbearers are usually close friends, family members, relatives, associates of the deceased person or can be anyone else. They can also be either men or women as long as they are fit enough to hold the coffin.

In some other cultures particularly in Asian countries, the pallbearers are individuals that must not be related or does not have any connection to the deceased person. Thus, the family of the deceased will have to hire pallbearers and pay for their services.

Carrying the Casket

Traditional caskets actually consists of six handles. Three handles on each side. This allows six pallbearers to carry the casket. But today, there are some caskets with a total of eight handles. There are two additional handles on the front and back sides of the casket. As a result, a total of eight pallbearers can carry the coffin which is a less burden of weight for them.

It is actually very important that pallbearers must be strongly fit enough to carry the casket or they may end up dropping the coffin on the ground. If you have chosen a family member, relative or somebody who is close enough to the deceased then you have to make sure that he or she does not suffer any deep emotional distress.

If it happens that a certain member of the family wants to become one of the pallbearers but shows signs of incapability then you can ask them to become "Honorary Pallbearers". They are also considered pallbearers but simply walks along with the coffin-carriers at either the front, side or behind. The good part is that, there is no limitation to the number to honorary pallbearers.

What Happens If No One Wants to Become a Pallbearer?

An interesting question came into my mind thinking about what happens to your casket if there is no single person in the world who cares about you? Surely, none will carry your casket on your funeral.

On my search for the answer, if you have the money and already made a full advance payment to a certain Funeral Home service before you died then they will be the one who will take good care of everything which include paid pallbearers who will carry your casket into your final resting ground or gravesite. However, if you don't have the money then you will end up being cremated which doesn't requires casket and pallbearers.
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How Much Does A Casket Cost?

When it comes to "how much does a casket cost?", there are actually several factors involve about how a certain casket or coffin is priced. Some of these factors includes casket design, quality of materials used and the size.

The most common type of caskets are those that are made out of sturdy steel. These are rolled steel of varying gauges. So if you chose the lowest gauge then that will be the thickest steel where it could cost a lot more expensive. Metal caskets made out of 20 gauge steel are the cheapest.

The advantage of metal caskets is that, it tends to last longer. In fact, some manufacturers even offers warranty for longevity to their metal caskets. As for the cost, average metal caskets could cost between $2,000 to $4,000. Caskets made from bronze and copper cost between $5,000 to $7,000.

Next to the metal caskets are the "wooden caskets". But unlike the metal caskets, manufacturers don't offer warranty for longevity because there is no possible way to lengthen the durability of wooden materials for a long period of time. Wooden caskets are also not gasketed.

When you decide to purchase a wooden casket, you get to choose from these following types hardwood materials:

1. Mahogany
2. Walnut
3. Cherry
4. Oak
5. Poplar
6. Softwood (like pine)

Wooden caskets made out of softwoods such as "pine caskets" costs the cheapest. However, most funeral homes rarely display them. As for the high-quality solid wooden caskets, the prices ranges between $1,500 to $3,000.

Other than metal and wood, other materials used by manufacturers in constructing caskets are fiberboard, fiberglass and other forms of hard plastic materials.

The average costs for the cheapest and simple caskets which are particularly made out of soft materials ranges from the price of more than $2,000. Elegant and highly durable caskets could go from a price of $10,000 and above. But according to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) back in 2009, they stated that the average cost of a casket made from metal was only at $2,295.


Buying Casket from the Funeral Homes

If it's your first time to buy a casket from any Funeral Homes or Casket Showroom, the most important tip that you need to know is "always ask for the complete lists of caskets on sale".

A shop that sells caskets must have a complete list of their available casket products. By asking the list, you should be able to check each of their casket's prices and description. This will save you the time of wondering around the corner of the shop checking the caskets that are on display.

You have to know that those displayed caskets from the store are most likely higher-end models which are pretty expensive. And, it's always the first impression of all sellers to introduce to their customers these kinds of models. So if you are on the tight budget, don't hesitate to ask for the lower-priced models on their product list. And also, don't be surprised if these low-priced casket models are not on display but being kept at their storage room.

Today, you can also purchase caskets here on the internet. There are actually plenty of websites that sells a variety of caskets complete with descriptions, photos and prices. However, before you decide to buy a casket online, it is important that your Funeral Home agrees to use the casket that you are going to purchase. Other than that, they should allow it without charging you any amount of fee.

Most Affordable and Eco-Friendly Caskets

If you are really on a very tight budget and you have deep concern about our environment then the perfect casket for you to choose are probably those "eco-friendly caskets". These type of caskets are actually the cheapest kind which only cost around $1,000.

Eco-friendly caskets are made out of bio-degradable materials which are crafted from any of the following materials:

1. Cardboard
2. Bamboo
3. Willow bark
4. Banana leaf
5. Sea grass

Caskets made out of these bio-degradable materials are best used for "green burial" or "cremation".

Moreover, when buy a casket or any funeral products offered by the Funeral Homes, you need to be curious about their prices. You have to know that some of them actually trick their customers by selling higher rate of prices for their products. Thus, it is basically important that you have to compare prices that you got from several different sellers.
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Black Coffin Treasure Boxes Found in Mindanao

There are rumors around the internet that the location of the black coffin treasure boxes has been finally found somewhere in the coastal part of Mindanao. Of course, the source won't state the exact location because many treasure hunters or perhaps even the US or Philippine military will race into the site.

The one who claimed to have found the black coffins is a fisherman. According to him, he first noticed large chains underwater. When he came close to investigate, the fisherman noticed black objects where the chains were tied. He also noticed that the black objects consists of serial numbers on them.

With the fisherman's curiosity, he attempted to open the boxes to check what was inside them. He tried everything using every possible tool that he had but to no avail, the fisherman couldn't open any of the boxes.

There was another claim. Another fisherman from Mindanao who had a close encounter with the black coffin treasures. His experience was quite similar to the other fisherman above. When he dived underwater, he saw the black coffins tied with large chains around them.

According to this second fisherman, the black objects consists of serial numbers and there are about 30 of them. At first, he thought that these boxes were placed on a huge rock. But later on, he discovered that it wasn't a rock but a sunken ship.

The most shocking experience that made this fisherman swore not to get close and make contact into those black objects ever again was when he attempted to touch them using his fishing gear. The fisherman described the feeling that he felt electrocuted that he immediately ascended back to his boat.

Lastly is this most interesting claim. The black coffin had already been recovered by some high-ranking official of a certain military organization in Mindanao. Although, he only recovered one black box and according to the source, the box consists of several holes at its side.

This person is said to have taken the black box into some part of Davao province and he is selling at an expensive price of 60 million pesos or about 1.3 million dollars.

Black Coffin Found in Mindanao

Moreover, it seems that the black coffin treasure is indeed hidden somewhere in the coastal area of Mindanao.
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Hanging Coffins on the Cliffs of the Three Gorges

In China at the place called, "Three Gorges" which is situated along the Yangtze River was a historical attraction known as the "Hanging Coffins". It's not actually just coffins but there are also many other suspended artifacts and occult phenomena that took place on this strange cliffs.

The cliffs itself are actually mysterious that it consists of many caves dating back from the old age of troglodytism. To make it more interesting, ancient human relics conceal some of the entrances to the caves. And just one among the most famous caves is the "Golden Cave".

There is actually an old saying about those hanging coffins from the cliff which goes like this:

"There are countless treasures in the cliff coffins in the Three Gorges, which cannot be obtained even by risking your life".

Due to the saying above, some people attempted to steal some of the coffins in the belief that there are valuable treasures inside them. One of the famous attempt was in 1971. The group consisted of a bow-backed person, monk and simply just a lame man. They bravely ventured into the Qutang Gorge which is one part of the Three Gorges cliffs. There, they had successfully took one coffin down from the cliff but they were very disappointed just to find some bronze wares and potteries.

In 1966 to 1976, people had destroyed most of the coffins from the cliffs. Aside from the skeletons, the coffins simply contains tea leaves, books, medicines and other artifacts. It was then realized that the objects along with the remains has something to do with the profession of the dead person.

As an example, a coffin containing objects such as fishing nets, fish hooks and other related fishing tools. It means that the coffin belongs to a fisherman. People during the ancient period actually believed that when a person dies, he or she will need those objects to continue on their vocations in their next afterlife.

How did the Coffins Got on the Cliff?

Many people are being puzzled by how the ancient people managed to get those coffins hanging on the cliff. However, experts claims that there are 3 possible methods on how it can be done.

1. Chisel and Rope

They will chisel caves out of the cliffs for the purpose of placing the coffins. And in order to place the coffin, they need to use a rope tied from the top of the mountains which they use as support in setting the coffin in place.

2. Tunnels and Caves

They will create tunnels or caves in the cliff. And once done placing the coffin, they will destroy the tunnel to keep thieves out from robbing the grave.

3. Block and Tackle

They are genuine enough to make use of a block and tackle to lift the coffins and set them in place on the cliff. Once done, they will of course remove the equipment.

Overall, those hanging coffins on the cliffs on the Three Gorges may not contain valuable treasures but they actually have unique cultural value. It allows us to learn about the early traditions of the ancient people in the Three Gorges on how they treat their dead.
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Golden Larnax of Philip II of Macedonia

The most famous larnax ever found in the world is the "Golden Larnax of Philip II" of Macedonia. He was the father of "Alexander the Great". And, his golden larnax was excavated at Vergina in the northern part of Macedonia.

According to the archaeologists, Philip II's larnax is dated back to the 4th century BC. It is made out of precious gold with a sun motif design on the top surface of its lid. However, archaeological experts aren't still sure if the tomb really belonged to king Philip II.

What Is a Larnax?

A larnax is actually a small box or coffin. Contained inside is a human remain which is either bent to fit inside the box or cremated into ashes. In the ancient period of Macedonia, keeping the human remains of their beloved families was a common practice that they follow.

During the Greek Bronze Age, archaeologist have found the first larnax dating back in the ancient period of the Minoan times. But unlike king Philip II's larnax, it is simply made of ceramics that imitates wooden chests. The pattern has a huge similarity to the Egyptian linen chests. Decorations consists of abstract patterns with animal figures and portrayals of their hunting and cult rituals.

Another famous larnax was the one that belonged to the Hellenistic period. It takes the form of a small terracotta sarcophagi painted with some similar artistic styles to that of the Greek vases.

Today, some people particularly in China still follows this ancient tradition of encasing the remains of their dead. After cremation of the dead human body, the ashes will be kept inside a rounded vase known as "urn". Urns can be displayed inside the house because they are actually made with highly decorative design for display purposes.

Moreover, the golden larnax along with the golden crown of king Philip II of Macedonia is now displayed at the Vergina Museum.
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Interesting Facts About Plutonium

Plutonium was first discovered in 1940 to 1941 by Glenn T. Seaborg, Edwin M. McMillan, J.W. Kennedy and A.C. Wahl at the University of California at Berkeley. They actually submitted a documentation of their discovery but immediately withdrawn when it was found out that plutonium can undergo nuclear fission.

The word "plutonium" was actually derived from the planets of the solar system: Pluto, Uranus and Neptune.

And based from the Periodic Table of Elements, Plutonium has the following characteristics:

Atomic Number: 94
Atomic Symbol: Pu
Atomic Weight: 244
Melting Point: 1,184 F (640 C)
Boiling Point: 5,842 F (3,228 C)

Physical Characteristics of Plutonium

Raw and fresh plutonium are metals with silvery bright color but when oxidized by air, the color changes into dull gray, yellow or olive green.

It was also found out that plutonium metals are quickly dissolved when submerged in a highly-concentrated mineral acids.

When it comes to human senses, touching a large piece of plutonium feels warm. It's because of its energy known as "alpha decay". In fact, a very large piece of plutonium is capable of producing extreme heat good enough to boil water.

And unlike most other metals, plutonium is not a good conductor of electricity.

Important Usage of Plutonium

In the past second world war, the use of plutonium was a main ingredient in the creation of the most powerful nuclear bomb used in the history of WW2. But since the war has long ended, the important usage of plutonium are now directed towards nuclear power plants.

According to the scientific research, a plutonium is capable of producing high temperature of heat that can withstand a long half-life of 88 years. This is what makes this element also a perfect heat source for radioisotope thermoelectric generators. These are special generators used in powering various equipment for outer space exploration.

Hazard Radiation Warning Sign

Moreover, the most important fact that the general public needs to know about plutonium is that, it is a radiological hazardous element. The only possible and safety means of handling plutonium is with the help of specialized equipment and a lot of safety precautions that needs to be strictly followed.
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Famous Incidents of Plutonium Exposure

Plutonium is a highly dangerous element that when a person made slight mistake on handling it, it can take his or her life without mercy. Inhaling it alone can damage lungs and other internal organs. According to some scientific studies, inhalation of plutonium can cause decreased on life span, disease of the respiratory tract and cancer.

Here are the following famous incidents of plutonium exposure:

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Back in World War 2, plutonium were discovered as a powerful element in the construction of nuclear bombs. The first devastating weapon in the history made out of plutonium was the atomic bomb. And, it was first dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Many people got killed that even the remaining survivors had later died due to radiation.

Louis Slotin

One of the most popular physicist and chemist who worked in the testing process of the plutonium cores was Louis Slotin. He was actually a part of the Manhattan Project who created the first atomic bombs.

The unfortunate incident had happened on May 21, 1946. Slotin was working along with his seven other colleagues where they were performing the first steps of a fission reaction. The procedure was placing two half-spheres of beryllium around a plutonium core.

Slotin's mistake was that, he used a screwdriver in trying to maintain the separation between the two half-spheres. This was clearly a violation of their experimental protocol. Thus, the unexpected incident happened where the screwdriver got slipped which caused the upper beryllium sphere to fall. This had caused a critical reaction that emitted a powerful burst of radiation. He then died 9 days later from the incident.

Harry K. Daghlian, Jr.

Another incident which again involved the Manhattan Project was an Armenian-American physicists, Harry K. Daghlian Jr. His was actually attempting to build a neutron reflector out from a plutonium core and tungsten carbide bricks.

One crucial safety regulations that Daghlian violated was that, he was working late at night all alone by himself in the laboratory. His experiment actually involved stacking a series of tungsten carbide bricks around the plutonium core. However, he accidentally dropped the final brick into the assembly which caused a super critical reaction. The only possible way to stop the reaction was that, he partially disassembled the tungsten carbide. But due to the time that took him, he received a lethal dose of neutron radiation. He died 25 days later from the incident.

Cecil Kelley

Cecil Kelley was a chemical operator of a large mixing tank in the Los Alamos plutonium processing facility. But on December 30, 1958, unexpected incident happened while Kelley was on duty. The solution in the tank somewhat increased to a critical level. So when Kelley switched the stirrer ON, the liquid inside the tank formed a vortex and at the same time, the plutonium layer released a powerful bursts of neutrons and gamma radiation.

At the time of incident, Kelley was standing on a foot ladder checking into the tank through the viewing window but as a result of the emitted radiation, she fell and knocked down on the floor.

Kelly was rushed to the hospital suffering from an agonizing pain that she was burning up. She was also semiconscious, retching, vomiting and hyperventilating. And unlike the other incidents mentioned above, Kelly didn't survive long enough because she died 35 hours later after the incident.

Therefore, these famous incidents of plutonium exposure should already be good enough to warn people from attempting to recover the black coffin treasures. If in case that they do contain plutonium, attempting to open them can take their lives including those other innocent people that can be reached by the radiation.
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Common FAQs About the Black Coffin Treasure

Many treasure hunters are actually questioning the existence of the black coffin treasure that was dropped by the US Navy somewhere in the Philippine Sea. Some says that it's a hoax or fake where there is no such thing while others claim that they have found it.

Here are the following commonly asked questions about the black coffin treasure in the Philippines:

1. What is contained in those black coffin treasures?

Nobody can really confirm the contents of the black coffin treasures. But rumors say that, they contain highly dangerous radioactive element called, "Plutonium". This is a type of element used in the past second world war in creating the first Atomic Bomb.

2. Are plutonium expensive?

Yes, plutonium is no doubt quite expensive because it is a rare form of element. In fact, there are only few national suppliers and there are extreme strict limitations to those who can buy it and the amount that the buyers are allowed to purchase. Due to this reason, dropping those black coffins into the Philippine sea is being questioned by many which seems to prove that the whole idea was a hoax.

3. Why did the US Navy dropped it in the Philippine sea?

According to some rumors, the US Navy ships carrying those black coffin were on their way to deliver the goods but as soon as they heard that the war was finally over, they immediately dropped the boxes since it no longer serves them the intended purpose. Other than that, it may also be heavy for their ship that it travels at a slow speed. But upon hearing the news that the war has ended, they maybe in a hurry to get back home into their families so they had decided to unload the boxes to speed up their ship.

4. Can a plutonium stop a boat's engine?

According to some fishermen who claimed to have discovered the exact location of the black coffins, every time that they passes their engine-powered boat, it kills off their engine. They will only be able to start the engine back when they made it a far away from the site.

5. What's the reward for those who can find and recover the black coffin treasures?

According to the US Military, they are not giving any reward to anyone who can locate or recover the black coffins for them. But if sold into the black market, it could become quite a huge fortune for the finder.
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