Privacy Policy of Black Coffin Treasure

As requested to all webmasters, we are required to have a Privacy Policy page. This is actually a page where it informs all readers and visitors about the information that are being collected on their stay while browsing the contents of this blog.

Please don't immediately close this tab because the information being gathered is limited to any of your personal or confidential information. The data that are being collected are simply related to your interest and behavior on how you utilize this site. These data are needed for us and the advertisers to make the necessary adjustments to improve our site.

How Black Coffin Treasure Blog Collects Data?

1. Cookie File

Black Coffin Treasure blog does not make use of a cookie file but our third-advertising partner may use them.

What is a cookie file?

A cookie file is a very tiny small file that automatically gets installed right into the temporary folder of your computer. It can actually be opened with a Notepad but most likely, you will get encrypted data or unreadable texts and symbols. Only the advertising company who owns that cookie file can decrypt those codes.

Cookie files are often used by advertising companies to gather data about your interest. This is for them to assess your interest so that the next time around that you come and visit this blog, better ads that are related to your interest will be served.

To learn more about how Google uses cookie files, read it all about here.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a statistical counter of the number of visitors visiting this blog. It can record a visitor's IP, Country, Web Browser and etc... All data gathered by Google Analytics are information needed by us to assess how our visitors interacts into our blog. This allows us to make the necessary adjustment for improvement. To learn more about the data being gathered by Google Analytics, you can visit their website here. Or, read here Google Analytics' Privacy Policy.

3. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is our preferred third-advertising company that displays both text and image ads. We earn some commissions every time that you visit these generated ads based on your interests acquired by the cookie files. To learn more about these cookie files, you should visit and read Google's own Advertising Privacy page.

4. AddThis

AddThis is a very nice Social Media tool that allows visitors and readers of this blog to share the information found on this blog on various social sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest and etc... As for the data being gathered by this tool, it records the number of how many times a certain posts has been shared.

5. External and Internal Links

As you browse around the pages of this blog, you will encounter two type of links. First are the internal links. These are links that consists of the root domain of this blog. As long as you are visiting links under the root domain of this blog, you are covered by the Privacy Policy stated here.

The second type of link are the external links where their root domains are different. This means that they are websites or blogs owned by other different individuals. The only reason why we linked them is that, they are providing related or helpful content that contributes to what is being discussed on a certain particular post.

Moreover, this privacy policy page was last updated on June 25, 2015.