Black Coffins Are Nuclear Power Detectors

If most individuals' own personal opinion about the contents of the black coffin treasure is plutonium, we actually came across on our research here on the internet that one person claimed that the contents of those boxes are "nuclear power detectors".

These nuclear power detectors were actually devices that were intended to detect any vessel or submarine that passes over them. This is probably the reason why some fisher often felt their small boat engine malfunctioned while cruising over the dropped zone of those black boxes. Thus, the US Navy didn't just dropped their black coffin in the Philippine seas but on other parts of the world as well. They had strategically dropped them off on places like bays, straits and other common pathways of vessels and submarines.


According to some sources from the US Embassy, those black coffins were dropped somewhere in the early 50's up to the late 60's. These boxes does not contain plutonium but they are machines designed to capture underwater sounds particularly generated by vessel or submarine engines. Once these machine-boxes detected such mechanical sounds, the machine will immediately transmit the data gathered in a designated headquarters for analysis. Through these machines, the US Intelligence Agency will be able to determine the type of vessel or submarine, possible country of origin and etc...

Unfortunately, rumors came out that these black coffins contains precious plutonium. Some speculations claims that commodity brokers simply made this part of the story as a form of enticing curious financiers to fund their project. And at the end, the commodity brokers will be the one who makes money out from their financier victims.

With the growing interest of recovering the black coffin treasures, many of these boxes has already been recovered on various parts of the world particularly by treasure hunters. As a result, the US Intelligence community had lost many signals and had decided to abandon utilizing these machines. Thank goodness that through the fast-paced improvement of our technology, spy satellites has been invented as the perfect replacement.

Since the black coffins (according to the US Embassy) doesn't really contain plutonium, this is probably the reason why the US Military claims that they are not giving any rewards to those who can find and locate these black coffin boxes for them. Or, it is probably a cover up not to boosts the interest of all underwater explorer to hunt and recover these objects.