How Much Does A Casket Cost?

When it comes to "how much does a casket cost?", there are actually several factors involve about how a certain casket or coffin is priced. Some of these factors includes casket design, quality of materials used and the size.

The most common type of caskets are those that are made out of sturdy steel. These are rolled steel of varying gauges. So if you chose the lowest gauge then that will be the thickest steel where it could cost a lot more expensive. Metal caskets made out of 20 gauge steel are the cheapest.

The advantage of metal caskets is that, it tends to last longer. In fact, some manufacturers even offers warranty for longevity to their metal caskets. As for the cost, average metal caskets could cost between $2,000 to $4,000. Caskets made from bronze and copper cost between $5,000 to $7,000.

Next to the metal caskets are the "wooden caskets". But unlike the metal caskets, manufacturers don't offer warranty for longevity because there is no possible way to lengthen the durability of wooden materials for a long period of time. Wooden caskets are also not gasketed.

When you decide to purchase a wooden casket, you get to choose from these following types hardwood materials:

1. Mahogany
2. Walnut
3. Cherry
4. Oak
5. Poplar
6. Softwood (like pine)

Wooden caskets made out of softwoods such as "pine caskets" costs the cheapest. However, most funeral homes rarely display them. As for the high-quality solid wooden caskets, the prices ranges between $1,500 to $3,000.

Other than metal and wood, other materials used by manufacturers in constructing caskets are fiberboard, fiberglass and other forms of hard plastic materials.

The average costs for the cheapest and simple caskets which are particularly made out of soft materials ranges from the price of more than $2,000. Elegant and highly durable caskets could go from a price of $10,000 and above. But according to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) back in 2009, they stated that the average cost of a casket made from metal was only at $2,295.


Buying Casket from the Funeral Homes

If it's your first time to buy a casket from any Funeral Homes or Casket Showroom, the most important tip that you need to know is "always ask for the complete lists of caskets on sale".

A shop that sells caskets must have a complete list of their available casket products. By asking the list, you should be able to check each of their casket's prices and description. This will save you the time of wondering around the corner of the shop checking the caskets that are on display.

You have to know that those displayed caskets from the store are most likely higher-end models which are pretty expensive. And, it's always the first impression of all sellers to introduce to their customers these kinds of models. So if you are on the tight budget, don't hesitate to ask for the lower-priced models on their product list. And also, don't be surprised if these low-priced casket models are not on display but being kept at their storage room.

Today, you can also purchase caskets here on the internet. There are actually plenty of websites that sells a variety of caskets complete with descriptions, photos and prices. However, before you decide to buy a casket online, it is important that your Funeral Home agrees to use the casket that you are going to purchase. Other than that, they should allow it without charging you any amount of fee.

Most Affordable and Eco-Friendly Caskets

If you are really on a very tight budget and you have deep concern about our environment then the perfect casket for you to choose are probably those "eco-friendly caskets". These type of caskets are actually the cheapest kind which only cost around $1,000.

Eco-friendly caskets are made out of bio-degradable materials which are crafted from any of the following materials:

1. Cardboard
2. Bamboo
3. Willow bark
4. Banana leaf
5. Sea grass

Caskets made out of these bio-degradable materials are best used for "green burial" or "cremation".

Moreover, when buy a casket or any funeral products offered by the Funeral Homes, you need to be curious about their prices. You have to know that some of them actually trick their customers by selling higher rate of prices for their products. Thus, it is basically important that you have to compare prices that you got from several different sellers.