Hanging Coffins on the Cliffs of the Three Gorges

In China at the place called, "Three Gorges" which is situated along the Yangtze River was a historical attraction known as the "Hanging Coffins". It's not actually just coffins but there are also many other suspended artifacts and occult phenomena that took place on this strange cliffs.

The cliffs itself are actually mysterious that it consists of many caves dating back from the old age of troglodytism. To make it more interesting, ancient human relics conceal some of the entrances to the caves. And just one among the most famous caves is the "Golden Cave".

There is actually an old saying about those hanging coffins from the cliff which goes like this:

"There are countless treasures in the cliff coffins in the Three Gorges, which cannot be obtained even by risking your life".

Due to the saying above, some people attempted to steal some of the coffins in the belief that there are valuable treasures inside them. One of the famous attempt was in 1971. The group consisted of a bow-backed person, monk and simply just a lame man. They bravely ventured into the Qutang Gorge which is one part of the Three Gorges cliffs. There, they had successfully took one coffin down from the cliff but they were very disappointed just to find some bronze wares and potteries.

In 1966 to 1976, people had destroyed most of the coffins from the cliffs. Aside from the skeletons, the coffins simply contains tea leaves, books, medicines and other artifacts. It was then realized that the objects along with the remains has something to do with the profession of the dead person.

As an example, a coffin containing objects such as fishing nets, fish hooks and other related fishing tools. It means that the coffin belongs to a fisherman. People during the ancient period actually believed that when a person dies, he or she will need those objects to continue on their vocations in their next afterlife.

How did the Coffins Got on the Cliff?

Many people are being puzzled by how the ancient people managed to get those coffins hanging on the cliff. However, experts claims that there are 3 possible methods on how it can be done.

1. Chisel and Rope

They will chisel caves out of the cliffs for the purpose of placing the coffins. And in order to place the coffin, they need to use a rope tied from the top of the mountains which they use as support in setting the coffin in place.

2. Tunnels and Caves

They will create tunnels or caves in the cliff. And once done placing the coffin, they will destroy the tunnel to keep thieves out from robbing the grave.

3. Block and Tackle

They are genuine enough to make use of a block and tackle to lift the coffins and set them in place on the cliff. Once done, they will of course remove the equipment.

Overall, those hanging coffins on the cliffs on the Three Gorges may not contain valuable treasures but they actually have unique cultural value. It allows us to learn about the early traditions of the ancient people in the Three Gorges on how they treat their dead.