Black Coffin Treasure of the Philippines

Of all the treasures hidden inside coffins around the world, the "black coffin treasure" of the Philippines is the most controversial of them all. It's because a number of sea or underwater explorers claims that they have found them. And in exchange, they are expecting for a huge sum of reward.

According to some sources, the black coffin treasures are made out of pure metallic boxes. And each of the boxes, there's a unique serial numbers that are marked on them.

As stated above, many individuals claims that they have found the location of the black coffins. However, the majority of those boxes are probably fakes. The only possible way to determine the authenticity of the boxes is to acquire their serial numbers. If it matches the record held by the US Navy then they are the real black coffin treasure.

Black Coffin Treasure

US Navy and the Black Coffin Treasures

The one responsible for hiding the black coffin treasure were the US Navy way back in the past World War 2. They dropped these boxes somewhere in the Philippines seas. Unfortunately, the US Military historical records doesn't know the exact locations of where these items were dropped.

For those who are claiming that they have found these black coffins and expecting money as a finder's fee, the US Military have released a statement that they are not giving any rewards out there who finds them. This means that they do not have enough interest in acquiring them back.

What's Inside the Black Coffin Treasure?

The black coffin doesn't actually contain treasures or any valuable loot in the past WW2. It is said that it contains a highly dangerous element called, "Plutonium".

In WW2, plutonium were used in nuclear weapons (Atomic Bomb). These weapons were actually the once used by the Americans that finally ended the second world war.

Today, plutonium are being used on nuclear reactors which produces an alternative source of energy.

Going back to the second world war particularly at the time when the war finally came to an end, the US Military had more than enough plutonium that remained on their supply which were of no longer use to them. So they placed them inside tightly sealed boxes which is now known as the black coffins.

And for some unknown reason, the US Navy dropped them off somewhere in the Philippine sea and never kept a record on their exact locations.

The Black Coffins are Highly Dangerous

Since the black coffin boxes contains plutonium, anyone who are exposed into this type of highly toxic silvery radioactive metallic element will suffer a slow death. They will experience an unknown type of illness then sooner or later, they will most likely die. It's like poison.

If it happens that you found the black coffins underwater, it is not advisable that you open or puncture any part of the boxes. This will cause the element to leak-out which is impossible for you to escape away from being contaminated. Only underwater robotic machines can recover these boxes out from the surface.

However, if you are just an average or ordinary Joe then all what you can do is to take the serial number of the boxes. You have to stencil the coffins underwater and perhaps bring it to any US Military organization that can help you out.

What if the Black Coffin Treasures Have Fallen into the Wrong Hands?

Already mentioned above, plutonium can be used for nuclear weapons. And today, there's a growing threat of terrorist worldwide. What if these bad guys managed to grab these black coffins into their possession and turned it into one devastating nuclear weapon?

Nuclear Bomb

At some point, these black coffin treasures needs to be recovered before they could fall into the wrong hands.