Ancient Gold Coffin in Cambodia Looted

In Cambodia, the Ministry of Culture were frowned when treasure hunters had looted one of the ancient sandstone coffin containing gold and copper along with the skeleton's remnants of clothing with three gold buttons on it. According to the report, the group was composed of three treasure hunters where they sold their findings into a local businessman for thousands of dollars.

Those responsible treasure hunters doesn't really know what they had just done. They just damaged and stole an 11th century coffin at an abandoned temple of Prasat Boeng Mea Lea in Siem Prea province. And that's not all, the coffin was the only known burial form of putting the dead to rest. It was because in the ancient Khmer history, they were opposed to cremation practices.

Khun Samen, the director of the National Museum has been very disappointed that the coffin was badly damaged. He stated that the coffin and the contained remains should have been in the National Museum for the benefit of all Cambodian people.

Samen further stated that he had actually never seen or heard about any discovery of ancient coffin in Cambodia with remains. It is due to the reason that cremation is more traditionally favored than burial. Thus, the discovery of the coffin would have provided a lot of insights to the researchers who can also share any of their interesting findings to the world.

In the entire history of Cambodia, there is actually yet any coffin discovered that contained skeleton remains. Most of them simply contained ashes which were cremated. Except this newly discovered coffin that happens to be looted by a group of treasure hunters.

Some archeologists and Suman believes that the coffin probably belonged to a king. It's because ordinary people never had metal coffins instead they were given wooden types. And in addition, the bodies were cremated but the one discovered on was not. In fact, there was an archaeological excavation of the burial sites in Angkor Wat area back in the 1960s but all they had found were cremated ashes of the dead.

It really puzzles the archeologists and the Cultural Ministry as to why the newly found golden coffin contains a body in it despite the fact that it was dated back from the 11th century.

Moreover, when news about the golden coffin came out from the news, a lot of people raced towards the area in the hope of uncovering the same discovery. And as a result, there were some reports that some people had found valuable artifacts. Worst, it is unlikely that these ancient relics won't be given to the National Museum. They will surely get sold to private collectors for better offer. Thus, the National Museum needs to buy it from them but Samen claims that the museum lacks some funds.